Featuring an ALOE infused fiber by HW Textiles

HW Textiles is leading the way in natural fiber fabrics. Aloe nutrition viscose fiber has properties of hygroscopicity and is ventilating, comfortable, and dyeable.  Aloe in HW's Skin Care Denim is infused in the fiber (verses topical) so that it will not rinse away in the washing process or home laundry. The aloe plant is rich in eleven kinds of aminophenol, in addition to natural free radicals that help revitalize and purify skin. This innovation is offered in PFD, Optic White, and Indigo in various constructions. 

In addition to Aloe, HW offers Bamboo, SeaCell (seaweed), and SmartCel (Zinc).  They keep an eye on sustainability with Repreve (recycled bottles) in many fabrications. 

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